[Tig] fleshtone unification

Marc Wielage mfw at musictrax.com
Sun Aug 10 05:20:31 BST 2008

On 8/9/08 5:44 AM, "Rob Lingelbach" <rob at colorist.org> wrote:

> The response of the Cintel machines, in this experiment, is more
> unified that it is in the Spirit.   The Spirit outputs more color
> difference, more differentiation between these fleshtones.

Which Spirit?  There are at least three completely different models that I
know of from the last 10 years:  original Spirit (aka Spirit 1), Spirit
4K/2K, and the recently-introduced Spirit HD (and new 4K & 2K).

I can tell you for sure that the original Spirit and Spirit 4K have vast
differences in terms of color and exposure range.  I think either Spirit is
closer to how the negative looks when it's printed to positive film stock.
The C-Reality is a totally different bus to drive, and to me, the 4K passed
it by in terms of overall color fidelity.  (Disclaimer:  I work for a
company owned by Thomson, but my opinion would be the same no matter where I
worked.)  I also like the look of the Northlight scanners.  My experience at
two different facilities was that the C-Reality had some problems,
particularly with the color matrices, which I think were electronic rather
than physical filters, as they are in the Spirit.  I think the Spirits and
the Northlight gave me a more honest picture off the negative, but that's
just a gut feeling.

I agree with you 100% on hue adjustment, and I think a lot of Spirit users
came to the same conclusion about solving red/yellow skintone variations.
The challenge is when you get a racially-mixed cast, compounded by makeup
and/or lighting problems.  I find this is a much bigger problem with TV
series than feature or commercial projects.  No one solution works for
everything, but I'd offer a third solution: using the defocus key channel,
which can really help solve difficult fleshtone problems.

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Technicolor Creative Services
Hollywood, USA

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