[Tig] fleshtone unification

Bob Festa bobfesta at mac.com
Mon Aug 11 04:37:01 BST 2008

Shields down.

Part of starting a new business involves trying some new technology  
and workflows.

I guess what I've noticed after learning some new tools, is that after  
the immediate shock of the security blanket being gone, I found myself  
applying my book of techniques to the new technology. Regional flesh- 
tones are something every colorist has in his bag of tricks, and it's  
one of those initial things you try and master on new technology  
straight up.

In essence, in 25 years of experience, of seeing every imaginable  
exposure... what really rises to the top, is your own personal  
toolset, your 'vision' is what you rely on. This 'vision' transcends  
tools and kits and is what really separates you from others. I always  
felt that clients didn't really care if you were working with a box of  
crayons, and recently I've found this to be true. Sure the new  
blinking lights attract the moths, but really it's client trust that  
gives you the opportunity to stumble, create, and push things around.  
And you cant do any of that without the field of experience, and the  
background of having 'seen it all'. It's not the amount of layers or  
power windows you have at your disposal, it's 'how many times have I  
seen this backlit shot with the kid smoked up in front of an  
overexposed window'?...and better yet, how will I solve it this time,  
are there the same opportunities? Can I make it even better with this  
new kit?

Yes Craig, I do have a new gleam in my eye...but don't worry, after a  
few months of security with the new tools, I'll slip right back into  
the comfort zone.

This really is a great time in our business, when a curmudgeon like  
myself can be a giddy little school boy, playing with the new toys for  
a bit.

Shields up.
Bob Festa
1819 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90409
310 401-2220  bobfesta.com

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