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Mon Aug 11 05:15:32 BST 2008

This is perhaps the 3rd or 4th posting I've done on this subject and  
without any responses, wonder if it's something only I am sensitive  
to, or if it's something colorists would rather not talk about,  
because there's a code of silence.   Are we all Masons?

Hi Rob and Bob,

I came across this problem twice last week.
Firstly on an Australian drama using FCP "Color"
2 straight girls having to do a kiss scene surrounded by 4 other girls, the "acting" 
lesbians went a very strong red color. I could isolate each of them separately in a window, then grade them to match the other girls. I found pulling the key using a mouse an interesting challenge as the joyball panel had not been fully mapped to the "Color" functions.
Otherwise all good no tracking needed.

The 2nd time was grading a different job, a commercial on Resolve.
2 girls needing different skin tone corrections.
I don't normally use the fixed secondaries on a 2K or Resolve so went straight for a kilovector key within a window.
The girls crossed so I made my key in a Layer mixer Node giving the girl in the foreground priority. 
The next problem was in the same shot they crossed the other way, the other girl was in the foreground.
I couldn't find a way to change the priorities of the nodes during a clip with a dynamic change,
so I split the clip enabling me to change priority on the 2nd clip.
Just make sure you split the clip when there is no overlap between the 2 grades.
Worked well, but if any other Resolve users know of a better way please let me know?

BTW the FCP "Color" job was graded on a Sony CRT and the Resolve TVC on a Cinetal LCD.


Warren Eagles
Freelance Colorist

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