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Cem Ozkilicci cemoz101 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 21:53:07 BST 2008

Well Rob, its difficult to tell you how off the projector was exactly, but to get a rough idea I would say try rolling the balls of the daVinci towards yellow-green and then some more!

And yes Bill... it's amazing how grannies can get away with certain  things nowadays! Almost lost an eye! 

What has the world come to? ... 


Cem Ozkilicci
Colourist on the move ...


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> On Aug 11, 2008, at 8:48 PM, Cem Ozkilicci wrote:
> >  They were from Columbus, Ohio on their way to Romania
> for 2  
> > weeks ....
> You couldn't come up with a more middle-america
> representative than  
> from Columbus, unless Wichita.  (always am amazed that Pat
> Metheny is  
> from Wichita, Kansas.)
> >  the only one that she could feel comfortable watching
> the film on  
> > was the CRT set (which looked in pretty decent shape I
> must add).
> >
> > Remarkable also was the fact that she did not perceive
> the  
> > INCREDIBLE shift of hue and colour balance on the
> projector! Or if  
> > she indeed had perceived it, noted it as an
> "unsharpness" rather  
> > than an unbalance in the colour.
> so what do you conclude from this Cem, (you have a hobby, I
> know very  
> well- we share it, having worked in Istanbul together) .. 
> one point  
> I'd make is that perhaps she, being raised on CRTs for
> decades and  
> decades, prefers what she grew up with.
> so the projector was way off- in what direction?   and how
> did you end  
> up in a Bingo parlor, with three different displays ? 
> (what i mean  
> sincerely is, was this in an airport, a bar, or what?)
> Rob
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