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Dominic Case cased at atlab.com.au
Mon Aug 11 23:17:39 BST 2008

>Are you watching the film?" I asked, "Yes dear" she replied. 
>After finding out that she was not colour blind, I then asked 

. . .  And she replied "shut up you great oaf, I told you I was watching the
film." (thinks . . .' Elmer here has finally got off to sleep, it's the
first moment I get to myself since we left Columbus, and a get a talker in
the other seat. Shheesh! Will I humour him or poke him with my knitting


But I agree with Rob - she's spent her life watching CRT displays, so it's
the look she is familiar with. And while the powers of visual accomodation
are remarkable so far as colour compensation is concerned, you can't make an
unsharp image look sharp so easily, and dark images are not at all friendly
in an aircraft with so many windows, reading lights etc reflecting in the

What was the movie?  

Dominic Case 
Atlab Australia 
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