[Tig] MKIII vs 888

George Zerial George.Zerial at nfsa.gov.au
Thu Aug 14 00:07:14 BST 2008

hello all, I would like to thank all of those that replied to my previous 
posting in regards to the DAV issue that I was having.  My latent reply 
has been due to IT issues and the waiting of parts.
Just for the record, the problem eminated from faulty voltage monitoring 
i.c's.    Corrupt components + Bad voltage monitoring =  Fault status on 
the DAV deflection unit.

Reinstalling the DAV saw the heart warming green glow from the tube again, 
albeit with all its set-up parameters having to be reinstigated.
With that in mind I went to turn on the 888 to start the process and you 
wouldnt credit it, but the daVinci's power supply has also decided to give 

Has anyone out there ever worked on one of these ( Power-One switch mode, 
model  SPM3A2M6) , or  does anyone know of "probable cause",   or are they 
a swap out unit from daVinci.

Once again any input would be greatly appreciated.

( As an aside,, we have clean mains supply and an airconditioned 
environment for our telecines)

George Zerial
Video/Telecine Engineer
National Film & Sound Archives , Australia
+61 2 62482103
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