[Tig] hard day's night Julie Christie

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Mon Aug 18 19:15:36 BST 2008

>> I think Julie Christie makes her first film appearance dancing in  
>> a club, though it may be someone else.

That would be a new piece of trivia if substantiated... she is  
utterly uncredited or listed for AHD'sN anywhere.  What I did dig up  
is that her commonly attributed film debut is listed as "Billy Liar"  
1963 as "Liz", and I think there was a BAFTA award involved.  AHD'sN  
= 1964.  Although there is a link between the two films, her  
appearance in the Beatles' flick would be a little more significant,  
and would likely be mentioned more often.

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