[Tig] Edifis Sprocket / Finaliser

James Deluca James_Deluca at crestdigital.com
Wed Aug 20 23:48:03 BST 2008

From: Steve Roberts - Post Production [mailto:steve.roberts at bbc.co.uk]

... The HDD works and we can see a file system on it 
    when connected to a PC, <snip>

I hope you are aware that most (if not all) versions of Windows 
writer to Cylinder/Head/Sector 0,0,1+xx as part of adding that 
physical drive and its logical partitions to its hardware inventory.
Found that out when reading about working on TiVo HDDs.
This should not be problem for standard (IBM?) partition table drives
that have CHS 0/0/2-63 (LBA 1-62) unused.

James DeLuca
Crest Digital
Hollywood - Video Lab

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