[Tig] new server

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Aug 22 18:16:57 BST 2008

1980 subscribers as of August 2008
Sohonet ( http://sohonet.co.uk ) supports the TIG
Eric Maurer supports the TIG

the tig's new server is up for the mailinglist, the archives, and all  
associated with
the mailinglist.   the wiki is still being programmed but will be up  

performace improvements should be noticeable fairly quickly.

there is also a surprise new extra phase for the tig- beyond this new  
server, which will
allow streaming and more- that will be visible shortly.  please  
standby :]

Rob Lingelbach      Tig admin.founder
rob at colorist.org    http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html


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