[Tig] velocity check

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Aug 22 18:29:09 BST 2008

if you'd like to see how the new velocity will enable streaming, go to
http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html   and about halfway down the page  
you'll see a flash-embedded colorist reel, that should load quite  
quickly.  this is a demo for all colorists who would like to do  
something similar on the TIG.  The resolution can be made to whatever  
specs we agree are suitable; this particular one (my own) is a bit on  
the smallish side and the gamma isn't perfect (a bit low for some  

Rob Lingelbach     TIG admin.founder
rob at colorist.org    http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html

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