[Tig] wow + flutter

Graham Collett grahamcollett at sprockets-telecine.co.uk
Sun Aug 24 23:26:18 BST 2008

For the same reason that a film can run on a telecine and still be
unstable ... Multiplied by 2 for the same problems on the sound follower
..and then combined with synchronsining slackness/errors and hey presto.
I believe the Magnotech has the tightest sync .. Cintel ferrit even
though was very good down to a 1/4 frame sync was only driven by 1ppf

Graham Collett
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

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I've always wondered, if a mag track is locked to a telecine, and the  
reference is regular, how can audio (noticeable particularly on piano  
tracks) flutter?

Once long ago I think it was Dave Tosh who told me there really is no  
complete guarantee that the speed is constant.

Rob Lingelbach
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