[Tig] reels drop site clarified

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Thu Aug 28 20:52:47 BST 2008

any colorist who wants to participate in the reel streaming service,  
can do one of the two following things:

with a Macintosh, use
Finder-> Go -> Connect to Server
user = colorists
pass = tigreels

that should work for Leopard, at least, and has been tested.  Drag and  
drop your reel, and a jpg of your choosing to introduce the reel =  
200x300 please - and I'll add it to the site.

with Windows or a Mac where the above doesn't work, do this:

connect to the TIG wiki and use the File Upload feature.

you will have to be logged in as a user, which means registering, but  
that's all pretty easy.

-- ingore the warning about filesize when you upload your .flv .

reels must be in .flv   and if you have problems uploading the jpg of  
your reel introduction (see http://reels.colorist.org for examples)  
then just send it as email.

any questions don't hesitate to ask.


Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org    http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html

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