[Tig] Fotokem 8K scan of 65mm feature

Ole Alstrup alstrup at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 00:50:03 BST 2008

Anyone here from Fotokem who worked on this?


   For the first time in history, a 65mm feature film camera negative would    be mastered at 8192 pixels of resolution, creating a digital file in    excess of an astounding 30 terabytes in size. This frame-by-frame    scanning process – designed specifically for "Baraka" by FotoKem    Laboratory – has produced a detailed HD image unlike any ever seen.    “This is the best and most advanced technology available in the world    today,” says DVD Restoration Producer Christopher Reyna. “We were able    to repair damage that had occurred to the original negative during    production in the Himalayas, in the jungles of Brazil, as well as in the    lab over the years. The dynamic range, color saturation, sharpness and    contrast ratio of "Baraka" in the home environment now far    exceeds anything in the industry. Nothing comes close.” 
   For the home entertainment industry, "Baraka" represents a    digital breakthrough that will change the way we watch DVDs. “Creating    the new DVD master for "Baraka" was a once-in-a-lifetime    opportunity,” says FotoKem Vice President Andrew Oran. “It is arguably    the highest quality Blu-ray DVD that has ever been made.” For the    filmmakers, the 8K Ultra-Digital restoration now fulfills the promise of   "Baraka" for an entire new generation to discover. “To be talking    about a state of the art re-release of the film after so many years is    remarkable,” says Mark Magidson. “"Baraka" has truly stood the    test of time.


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