[Tig] Copyright Issues with Demo Reels

Ed Colman ed at superdailies.com
Sun Aug 31 02:32:43 BST 2008

Greetings everyone.

Does anyone have any information/experience/thoughts about using  
footage to construct demo reels. I am in the process of assembling a  
'colorist reel' of various projects we have worked on throughout the  
past year. Do people usually have to obtain permission to use short  
excerpts for their reels. Who would you get the permission from?
Production Company? Agency? Client? Is there an accepted custom in the  
industry that such obviously copyrighted material can be used for demo  
purposes. Anyone been sued over demo reel footage? Would the rules be  
different for an individual (DP, Director, Colorist) versus a company  
(Production Company, Post Facility). Clearly everyone makes demo  
reels, but has anyone experienced any "issues"?  Inquiring minds want  
to  know.


Ed Colman, President
SuperDailies, Inc.
Cinematographer Supervised Video Dailies

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