[Tig] Copyright Issues with Demo Reels

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sun Aug 31 11:34:27 BST 2008

On Aug 31, 2008, at 4:32 AM, Ed Colman wrote:

> Does anyone have any information/experience/thoughts about using  
> footage to construct demo reels. I am in the process of assembling a  
> 'colorist reel' of various projects we have worked on throughout the  
> past year. Do people usually have to obtain permission to use short  
> excerpts for their reels. Who would you get the permission from?

Hi Ed,

It's my experience that yes, obtaining permission is standard (and  
technically required).  It can be difficult to find the right person  
to ask, as you surmised, but I've never been refused permission,  
because it's a compliment to the originators of the material that you  
want to show it.  Because often they aren't asked (which is an  
infringement) they'll be happy for the request and gladly accede .   
There can however, at least in my experience, a request from the ad  
agency that credit be given to them, in the form of a small tag  
somewhere, which also validates the projects, giving them a  
professional imprimatur.  I'd say first contact the colorist to learn  
who was the client of record, and take it from there.

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