[Tig] Craig Leffel

Craig Leffel craig at optimus.com
Tue Dec 2 19:59:14 GMT 2008

Can I just say that it's our Advertising agency's idea of a good time? I 
like them - they're good pals....

Thanks for the note Bob.... I like that you're thinking of me, no matter 
where you are.

In your other thought, is the "digital" part of that sentence an index 
finger, or is it more like what happens to me after I've done a full day 
of color correcting webisodes? I look forward to each of those things 
with the same enthusiasm....

Yours truly -

Craig Leffel

Senior Colorist
Where the cows are.

Bob Festa wrote:
> So I'm reading this weeks "Shoot Magazine" in the mens room at New Hat.
> I stumble into the editing and post section and there is a great 
> little silver bullet from our very own Craig Leffel from Optimus 
> Chicago. Brilliant words.
> On the opposite page is a full page ad with Craig in a all white clean 
> room bunny suit with tight white medical latex gloves. Somehow familiar.
> At which point I remind myself to get my annual digital rectal 
> examination.
> Sorry Craig, I'll never think of you the same way again.
> Smile.
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> Bob Festa
> 1819 Colorado Avenue
> Santa Monica, CA 90409
> 310 401-2220  newhat.tv

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