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Sun Dec 7 15:29:31 GMT 2008

(oups, the first one was with a massive quote at the end, sorry)

I was doing some tests regarding the HDSR-deck.
I'm woundering wether it is realy any advantages recording to it as RGB444 rather then YUV422 if it is more compressed.
>From what I understand the SR (not in HQ!) records in RGB with a 4:1 compression while in YUV422 its 2:1.

So I've always thought RGB giving more "shades" of color and a bigger gamut/more colors. And that YUV422 is better compressed.
Therefor I do "technical scanes" (flat scans, no clipping, no creative grading) in RGB444 and then I grade it in my Resolve and output after in YUV422 since the colors woun' t be tuched and I don't want another 4:1 compression.

But when viewing it I can't rely see any advantages doing the RGB444 at all... what should I be looking for when comparing them.
This is what I have:

Ref: Spirit 4K, scanned in 2K, croped to 1920x1080 pixel-by-pixel
Recorded to SR in RGB444, and ingested in Resolve
Recorded to SR in YUV422, and ingested in Resolve

if anyone would like to download theses DPX'es and compare them self, just email me and I'll make an FTP. Its about 4GB.

(I know what you might say Sony, I should get the new board and record RGB444-HQ in 2:1 instead. having the best of both worlds.)


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