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Mon Dec 8 07:55:08 GMT 2008

Well said Bob! 

I have always been concerned that too much emphasis has been placed on pixel
resolution, and that 10 bit log is considered ³uncompressed²

To get from 14 bits (film) to 10 bits is mathematically a 16:1 compression,
predominantly in the highlights. If you count the steps that means 10 bit
has 1024 steps per color compared to 16384 in 14 bit ­ so over 15000 steps
are lost. The argument that ³most of that information is unwanted² is pretty
weak in my opinion.

I was hoping that the move to data would gradually eliminate the old ³real
time video² limitations. But I fear this is another example of the railways
being based on the size of a Roman cart horse :-)

Happy Coloring 

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On 07/12/2008 19:17GMT, "Bob Friesenhahn" <bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us>

> If the material is captured with 14 or 12 bits (at the
> sensor) and then log or gamma encoded to 10 or 8 bits, then that is
> yet another form of compression.

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