[Tig] HDSR RGB vs YUV and "Quality"

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Mon Dec 8 22:51:41 GMT 2008

And so the result is this:  http://video.google.ca/videoplay? 
The Leader of the Opposition of the Federal Parliament of Canada,  
trying to win the hearts and minds of a nation, with a historically  
unprecedented coalition being formed to wrest power from a minority  
government.  This is the future of a North American country, a G8  
member, at stake.  And being judged how?  The medium is the message,  
and the message in this case, "We're a bunch of amateurs" and we want  
to run the country.  This video is being pilloried by the National  

Uh, in other news, the Prime Minister (the other "fine fellow") then  
turned around and hijacked what we laughingly refer to as democracy  
by asking the Governor General (aka the Crown) to 'prorog' Parliament  
-- that is, suspended the state, to avoid a motion of Non-Confidence  
that would have brought down the government.  The options for the  
Crown would have been to call another election (last one was in  
October, less than two months ago), or invite the "Coalition" to form  
a new government.  Meanwhile, Rome burns.  For want of a nail, a  
horse was lost, for want of a horse... and so on...

It isn't always about selling hamburgers or cars.  But the equivalent  
would be like forgetting to get dressed before going to work-- if it  
were simply embarrassing.  But no,  in this case "You're fired".  

> Everyone else doesn't need to spend that much money but it is easily
> done with good people and a bit of effort.  ... or people can do it
> themselves with a DVCam.

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