[Tig] early commercials and vidicons

Jeff Kreines jeffkreines at mindspring.com
Fri Dec 12 21:09:05 GMT 2008


That's a standard and lovely artifact of Image Orthicon tubes -- vidicons 
were not really "broadcast" tubes in that era, except in cameras like the 
Creepie Peepie/Handy Lookies used for early political convention coverage et 

You probably could find a way to take the highlights between a certain range 
and invert their polarity, but it would never have the cool analog feel of a 
real IO tube.

Note that they apparently were once nicknamed IMMYs -- and that's supposedly 
where the name of the EMMY award comes from.

Jeff "has an actual Sylvania Award, a parallel universe EMMY, from 1959, 
that I got on eBay" Kreines

> 1) the vidicon-induced negative flare, or black halation on the 
> highlights of Lennon's
>     guitar headstock, are a most worthwhile trip into video look  history, 
> and I wonder if
>     this is replicable in any modern FX systems or grading;> 

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