[Tig] Tig Digest, Vol 109, Issue 8

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Sun Dec 14 11:34:41 GMT 2008

> I would love some feedback from users who are using Non linear systems ,
> such as , Pablo, Lustre, baselight etc.... etc..
> what Noise reducer plug ins are you using , what works well , how fast are
> they..
> please advise
> Thanks  Gary Chuntz

I'm using a Resolve, we alo have a Revival but it's not setup to work together yet...anyone out there using that in a smooth way together?

Although we just bought a Grace for our Spirit/2K+.
And we have two workaround to get that into Resove:
1) Conect the NVidia "Timeline output" to Grace, play Timeline, play around on the Grace PC-GUI. verry coarse in controlls without any knobs.
2) Conect the NVidia out to Grace, look at Grace out in the Spirit/2K+, set up Grace by controlling it from the 2K+.

When all setup, change so the DVS-output goes to Grace and then to the VTR, (doesn't work if you want to deliver DPX's unless you record and then ingest again)
And this is a one-setting-for-whole-project workaround. Not a good way to do scen-by-scen settings, unless you change presets on Grace during recording on the fly! Done that to.


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