[Tig] noise reducers

Doug Delaney delaneydoug at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 20:07:49 GMT 2008

...in Baselight, and the are some good results there with De-grain /
> Re-grain... though there is a performance hit....

Performance hit to say the least... as OFX plugins can't leverage the power
of the parallel file system (PFS) which gives the Baselight8 it's punch.
Renders become painfully slow.

> The plugins are CPU dependent, and I believe the native Temporal Degrain
> will be benefitted by the GPU processing.

I believe that all image process layers that Filmlight has written for the
Baselight has been ported to GPU, including Temporal Degrain.  VERY much
looking forward to the release of that.  I did a demo of it at Filmlight LA
several months ago with 20 stacks on 4k material rocking at 24fps.  It's

I often render first, and degrain just the rendered scenes, as we've seen
> significant speed enhancement doing it this way rather than rendering the
> degrain as part of the stack...

Craig, do you see any change in color (low-level contrast, for example) when
using degrain?  I admit I haven't used it that much myself.  Curious of your
(or anyone else) experience.


Doug Delaney
Post Logic/ LA

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