[Tig] color in microscopy

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Sun Feb 17 21:54:46 GMT 2008

In a message dated 2/17/08 4:50:09 AM, rlovejoy at comcast.net writes:

> > I pity the poor Colorist
> Wasn't that a Dylan song?

Only if they're fresh off the boat :-) Mention of same makes me want to start 
playing Sandy Denny. Her "It'll Take A Long Time" is IMHO the best possible 
song to play during client sessions. Trivia: and what's the connection back to 
pitying the poor...?

In a message dated 2/17/08 1:28:38 PM, cased at atlab.com.au writes:

> Not necessarily art, and certainly scientific: the colour is used in a
> perfectly classical analogue sense: that is, the colour varies in some
> measurable quantity to indicate some other quantity.

Cue all the recent articles about the LHC.


Can't figure out if I'm strange or charm, top or bottom....

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