[Tig] Old EDL Files on 8-Inch Floppy Disks

Dominic Case cased at atlab.com.au
Thu Mar 6 00:06:58 GMT 2008

>CMX EDL disks were based on the DEC RT-11 file system. 

Wow, this thread brings back memories I thought I'd never have to deal with
again. EDL conversions. Format conversions.   Aaarrgghh. I think everyone
wrote conversion or cleaning programs at some stage. 

Funnily enough, try showing an 8" floppy disk to one of today's smart young
geeks, and wait for the howls of disbelief. Then point out that the RT-11
system only accomodated ONE EDL on the disk. Hah!

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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