[Tig] Harvey Hetland Passing and Memorial

Brent & Sue Broyles BRBroyles at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 10 02:13:41 GMT 2008

Hello TIGers,

Sorry to bring you sad news about a former teacher and mentor from Pasadena
City College (PCC).

Harvey Hetland, N6MM, of Altadena, CA, passed away Wednesday March 5th after
being hit on his bicycle 
by a hit-and-run driver. The accident took place on La Tuna 
Canyon Road in the San Fernando Valley.

Harvey had become a serious cyclist in recent years, regularly 
traveling hundreds of miles.

Harvey was an instructor at PCC from about 1975 - 2007.
In the early days his principle area of instruction was in the TV + radio
later transferring to the Engineering & Technology Dept. He was instrumental
in instructing and mentoring many of the present day TV & radio engineers
and operators. 
He will be missed by all.

Here is a link to his web site


A memorial service for Harvey Hetland is scheduled  

for Thursday, March 13, at eleven o'clock in the morning, at his church:

Westminster Presbyterian

1757 North Lake Avenue

Pasadena CA 91104

Church telephone is 626-794-7141

Sorry to see you go Harvey.

Brent Broyles
PCC 1983
brbroyles at adelphia.net

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