[Tig] the end of wysiwyg?

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Mon Mar 10 15:26:38 GMT 2008

> Sorry to be a pedant, but there are a whole lot more than 185,000
> licenses of Final Cut Pro. NAB last year they announced well over half
> a million paid users.
> Dick

Whatever the number is, and especially if the one that is known as  
the "legitimate" licensed tally is in that league... then the  
stampede is truly out of control.
Are there that many post houses? Obviously not.  Is that the real  
reason that Apple does not feel the need to have space at the NAB?   
There's a weird dichotomy.  The shareholders directing the company  
just want to see bigger numbers, not wasting time on the fringe  
element who actually need to do it right, but the charade has to be  
maintained so that the consumer feels like they're doing it "just  
like the pros" (quoting from the FCP manual).

  Because the overwhelming majority of those instances are going  
straight out from computer monitors *sorta*kinda* tweaked by eye or  
Apple's desktop so-called "calibration" tool.  The one where you  
scrunch up your eyes (their tip for a better lineup!) and match the  
little logo in the middle of the stripey box.  A.) it isn't big  
enough, and B.) the interface is so laughably clumsy that adaptation/ 
simultaneous dynamic contrast sets in and no human operator could  
possibly tell what colour anything is after about 20 seconds of  
staring at it, squinting or not.  Well, maybe that woman with the  
quadrastimulus vision, but she'd be the only one who could tell the  

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