[Tig] plane of focus (still cam)?

woz warrenl at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 20:34:45 GMT 2008

How well defined was the edge of the 'stain'?
The smaller the aperture the more focussed will be the 'stain' if the
problem lies in the optics or near the sensor
Have some greasy food (joking!) put a print on the lens and shoot a plain
background at f5.6, f11 then f22 and if you have it f32 (never mind the
diffraction effects we'll assume they are insignificant);.also have you
considered the possibility that the print on the lens could cause flare with
certain light directionality?
Failing all that, perhaps it's caused by out of visible spectrum light (e.g.
Infra Red)
let us know what the tests show if you do them.
Vaporous! Now there's a word I would not have thought to use, I hope you
don't mean miasmic!

woz (ITV/Granada/3Sixtymedia)

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> a little OffTopic,
> in the old days with analog 35mm SLRs, I was of the opinion that a
> little bit of smeary dirt on the lens wasn't too big a deal.  But with
> my Nikon D70, and a couple of fingerprint-type smears on the lens, I
> noticed some vaporous stains on RAW files.  Since cleaning the lens
> they've disappeared.  I had thought that the glass itself was
> relatively out of focus, rendering such slight fingerprints fuzzy
> enough not to impact the image seriously.
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