[Tig] the end of wysiwyg?

Clark E. Bierbaum clark at garnetdev.com
Tue Mar 11 13:37:08 GMT 2008

> Whatever the number is, and especially if the one that is known as
> the "legitimate" licensed tally is in that league... then the
> stampede is truly out of control.


	I remember working at the largest post house in the Southeastern US  
in 1991 when the first Avid showed up.  All the engineers and most of  
the editors thought of it as a toy.  We know the rest - those 1" and  
D2 machines, switchers, ado's, chyron's and the rest are gone along  
with ala carte billing.

	I was mad about the "kids" with the desktop crap and dv in the early  
2000's when I was a well paid colorist, but saw the writing on the  
wall.  I am now a contractor (building) that uses apple's color  
(freelance) to help friends still in the "TV" business and am  
impressed with its power - will likely be buying a control surface in  
the future.  Can I bill $400.00 an hour - no, but life goes on.   
Things are very different and I suggest lighting a candle rather than  
cursing the darkness.

My .02us or .01euro,

Clark Bierbaum

Contractor, Colorist, Realist
Charlotte, NC

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