[Tig] 2X1 SD HD-SDI switch?

Andy Delle adelle at laserpacific.com
Thu Mar 20 05:53:05 GMT 2008

Just be careful with sub $500 switchers. Some of these use relays or
wideband analog amplifiers and cross points that start to roll off at
500mhz. They may work fine with pristine 292 signals and short cables runs
but will fail if subject to less than ideal signals.

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Cintel and FilmLight support the TIG in 2008 - read about Cintel's NAB
presence at 

>Thanks to everyone who answered my last question about analog 7.1
>switches. I have another one to stump the stars. Can anyone steer me
>towards what should be a really simple device but I'm striking out
>finding one. I need to find 2x1 switch that will accept either SD or
>HD-SDI on either input. Any ideas?

I sell a 4x1. See my web site for details.


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