[Tig] Nazi "TV"

James Snyder tig060819SA at dtvexpress.net
Fri Mar 21 05:22:01 GMT 2008

The films in this program were genuine.

Early television used film as production medium for most regular 
transmissions since film could be pre-produced, edited, and could 
take a lot more light than the people of the day so film images could 
be copied on to the relatively insensitive TV cameras of the day.  As 
the documentary mentioned, the images reproduced there were from 254 
reels of 35mm film that were produced for the station.  They would 
have been telecined into a Nipkow camera for transmission over the 
German television station.

The one error was the assertion that the German TV station was the 
first one to do regular broadcasting.  A number of stations were on 
the air, both experimentally and full time, in the 1920s, including 
W2XBS (the RCA station hosted at WEAF/WJZ), W2XCB (the Columbia 
station hosted at WABC), W2XAD in Schenectady (General Electric's 
station hosted at WGY) and the C.F. Jenkins station in Washington, DC.

James Snyder

>Absolutely phony.  it was absolutely impossible to take a Nipkow 
>camera outside. 
>Furthermore, it was also impossible to transfer TV footage to film. 
>These are simply filmed archives.  The light needed to film with 
>these cameras was so strong that
>these pictures simply would not have been possible.
>BTW in 1927 Charles Francis Jenkins was granted the first American 
>experimental TV license for station W3XK.
>He broadcast regular shows.  In 1928 station W2XAD in Schenectady 
>(NY) broadcast the first TV drama  "The Queen's Messenger".
>So much for the claim that the Nazi's were somehow the first to 
>broadcast TV in 1936!
>Nice try though.
>On Mar 18, 2008, at 10:42 PM, Robert Lund wrote:
>>  I came across this film about the 9 years of TV broadcasting in Nazi
>  > Germany:
>  > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3348012718754817054

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