[Tig] OT-Nat. Be Kind to VT Tech's Week

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Mon Mar 24 21:06:34 GMT 2008

Since telecine and videotape recorders are (were) joined at the hip,  
thought some of you might remember seeing this ad... posted today on  
the Yahoo Final Cut Pro list by Chuck Reti.

Begin forwarded message:
> Here's one, mid-70's I think. from Videomax, promoting a "National Be
> Kind to Video Tape Technicians Week"
> http://homepage.mac.com/chuckr/tapetechs.jpg
> -- 
> Chuck Reti
> Detroit MI
He was replying to another scanned by Rick Emery from Life Magazine:

That prompted a posting by Dennis Egan, an editor at NBC's Today Show  
at 30Rock in NYC:
I remember that. Here's my own version from 1974:


So whatever your facility's techs's (or you) have their (your) head  
stuck into this week... hope its not for long and has a successful  
resolution. Oh, and that somebody keeps their (your) coffee cup  
filled with the brew of your choice.


OLD VTRs/Telecine at NAB:
If you're into using or collecting Old VTRs  like 2" Quads and  
helical, 1" in any flavor, EIAJ 1/2" and predecessors or other wierd  
or unusual VTR's... old edit systems... or old telecine equpment  
there's a group of us gathering around 12:30p, Tuesday in the Cafe at  
the front of South Hall.

This ought to be convenient for folks with limited time and evening  

E-mail me off list for any details and my cell phone.

Hope your day is going smoothly.


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