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The SDC 2002 Operation Manual suggests using isopropyl alcohol (I
usually buy reagent grade) to clean optical components every 4 to 8
weeks. In Chapter 6 of the SDC 2002 Operation Manual, there are pictures
and suggestions for cleaning. The latest manual can be downloaded from

My favorite lens cleaning tissue is made by Berkshire and are Lenx 90
(Item #: LN90.0406.24)and is a non-woven rayon blend (www.berkshire.com)
- neither my employer, Thomson GVG, or I get any compensation from
Berkshire.  Thomson does sell cleaning supplies that are also listed in
the manual.

I usually allow 1 to 4 hours for cleaning for cleaning the optics in the
front end. It depends on how dirty it is and how many times you have
done this before. Don't forget the condenser lens behind the filter
wheel.  It is usually the dirtiest thing in the machine, and its
cleanliness is essential! 
Reaching and reinstalling this filter requires some patience. It's best
to remove gate and have a good look from front how it is mounted.  The
easiest way to remove this condenser is to station one person in front
to guide another person in the back to remove condenser.  Once you get
the "feel" how this is done, it is actually pretty easy to do solo.
White cotton or other lint free film handling gloves help greatly to
keep components clean when you are cleaning and reassembling optics. 

With isopropyl, methanol, or acetone, one must be extremely careful with
painted surfaces. I also suggest powder free surgical gloves (like
nitrile gloves) be used.

If I do not have access to a good grade of isopropyl or am having
difficulties with streaking, I sometimes use Pancro lens cleaning
solution that is available at many camera rental houses.

This is in no way meant for advertising purposes. 

Craig Nichols
Sr. Digital Film Support Engineer
Thomson Grass Valley
Craig.nichols at thomson.net

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I need to follow the bimonthly maintenance functions regarding  
cleaning the optical path components of the Spirit, as outlined in the  
manual (SDC 2002).  The manual mentions one can use ethyl alcohol to  
clean optical surfaces, with the appropriate soft cloth.   I'd like to  
confirm this, and also ask what amount of time I should allow for  
doing this cleaning as it involves some disassembly.   I've already  
replaced the all the filters recently..  Thanks in advance for any help.

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