[Tig] what are we going to do (monitors)

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Fri Mar 28 19:45:38 GMT 2008

>  A client I know, facility and colorist unnamed, complained to me that
> after grading in telecine (SD PAL Sony BVM CRT) and then editing in
> FCP, monitor type unknown, that the grading was radically different on
> the FCP system.
>  How do other colorists cope with this kind of question?
It might not be just as simple as a calibration problem or display- 
gamut type issue.
"Simple" being a relative term...
I have diagnosed situations where a third-party had digitized a  
client's material in the wrong space and scaling, so a re-capture  
fixed the problem.  And then it did look right.
Digital was supposed to mean "bulletproof"; ie what goes in is what  
comes out.... but its starting to shape up as... I dunno what it is  
codec, colorspace, LUTmap, gamma.... could be anything, its just a  
bag of data, maybe mis-identified, maybe mis-interpreted.

I know one thing, and that is that no one (except old weirdos) looks  
at bars or lines anything up anymore.

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