[Tig] what are we going to do (monitors)

Michael Most mmost at cineworks.com
Sat Mar 29 15:15:09 GMT 2008

 > It would be nice if the manufacturers figured out a common digital  
format for
 >interchange... and/or perhaps a format that is the computer equivalent
 >of SDI (with timecode information, vertical interval information,
 >frame rate, embedded audio).

I think Apple would likely claim that Quicktime already has everything  
you just mentioned and more. Of course, it's also a proprietary Apple  
product, although as we know it is multiplatform (well, generally,  
except for some codecs that they insist on keeping Mac-only) and  
generally available (and free to end users).

Mike Most
Chief Technologist
Cineworks Digital Studios
Miami, Fl.

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