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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Sun Mar 30 00:06:30 GMT 2008

>In order to fully evaluate the Kertesz effect, you could sit in a 
>dimly lit room, and look through a hole into a different room which is 
>left fully dark.  This dark room would have the LCD and CRT for 
>evaluation purposes.

Or you could put a large lined paper bag over your head with holes cut out for
the eyes, and then have a small grain-of-wheat bulb (do they make those any
more?) powered by a AAA cell through a variable dimming resistor to create
various levels of ambiance inside the bag while the room outside was totally

If you do that, please get a picture of it. Wikipedia is going to want it for
the "Kertesz Effect" entry, and I can't think of anything that would define it
better than someone sitting there with a paper bag over their head.

>The real problem with LCDs is not if they are capable of becoming 
>fully black.  The real problem is how the LCD behaves when stepping 
>from fully black to the next several steps in brightness.

The newer panels seem to be going to 10 and perhaps even 12 bit resolving
power, which will tend to minimize that stepping effect. I know 10 bit panels
are already available in some pricey home LCD sets. Increasing the bits is the
only way to make digital anything approximate analog everything.


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