[Tig] styles in grading

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Sun Mar 30 18:35:07 BST 2008

There are many styles and looks for grading images, that can't  
necessarily be described in words.  That's how our senses transcend  
intellect, and why some colorists continue to be surprised and  
gratified by experimentation.

The vignette, as used in grading, in order to create a depth in  
luminance or contrast, seems to have become a cliché, depending on  
your point of view.

In the interest of art or fashion, will there ever be currency in its  
opposite, or the reverse vignette?  ( I somehow doubt it )

There has been, since roughly ten years ago, a tendency in some styles  
of grading to introduce more green than is natural, sometimes only in  
the blacks, sometimes in the whites, in the midranges or overall.

Will there ever be a tendency to do its opposite or complement, in  
introducing a magenta where there once was green?

Perhaps there is a built-in psychological bias against magenta as a  
tone in grading; could this be due to the less natural or less organic  
occurrence of magenta in nature?

As can happen in the world of fashion, is the bias toward green a  
cyclic phenomenon, such that it will recede in the next years, to be  
replaced by a different color?

I think the green mode, if it could be coined thusly, followed a blue  
mode, which was current in the early and mid-nineties, ref: Leslie  
Dektor's/Bob Festa's work on Dockers/Levis commercials.

Rob Lingelbach
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