[Tig] what stock to print on?

Martin Parsons martin-p at moving-picture.com
Tue Nov 4 11:28:14 GMT 2008

> I am working on a film restoration project on a old b/w film.
> The client wants to put it back to film when we finish.
> Until now, we always recorded movies on a Kodak 5242 internegative, or
> Fuji F-64D. Regarding this is a black and white, is there any film
> that is used for that?

I remember this subject cropping up last year - looking at the TIG


under the subject "Colour to Black and White".

The first part of the thread covers striking a print on B&W stock from a
colour digital neg.

But it then moves onto shooting out onto B&W neg. stock.

Good luck !


Martin Parsons
Head of Imaging
Soho, London

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