[Tig] data grading, who is in front?

Mike Grieve mikeg at filmlight.ltd.uk
Tue Oct 7 21:09:55 BST 2008


If you read the piece in its correct context, and know the identity of
'leading competition', it is correct.

Mike Grieve

>> From: "Simon Cuff" <Simon.Cuff at digitalvision.se>
>> Date: 7 October 2008 19:12:13 BST
>> To: <tig at tig.colorist.org>
>> Subject: Re: [Tig] data grading, who is in front?
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>> ====
>>> Just read a claim that: Baselight with more than 200 installed
>>> systems
>> is in the lead with nearly 4
>>> times as many of it's leading competition.
>> Hi Jan,
>> I'd be interested to know where you read this as I don't think it is
>> remotely correct (I know so).
>> My research is that there are about the same number of Lustres out
>> there
>> (Autodesk product marketing claim 300) and that we are up around that
>> number as well. Last year we shipped almost 100 systems and the vast
>> majority of these were either Film Masters or Nucoda HD's.
>> I agree with Rob that it would be interesting to do a poll.
>> The real winner in the numbers game is Color or is that no longer
>> consider as Data Grading?
>> Simon Cuff
>> Digital Vision

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