[Tig] Shrunken 35mm nitrate to HD-Spirit loses frame

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Fri Oct 10 23:37:21 BST 2008

>it will accept spices made of gaffer tape and,  
>probably, chewing gum, though we have not tried that yet.

Mmmmm...spices made from gaffer tape.

Is there some kind of ritual involved? Is the gaffer tape shredded to a fine
dust, put into one of those incense burners the Catholics use in church, and
waved over the Kinetta scanner (notice how I worked in the name just to give
you a plug)?

If you do decide to go the chewing gum route, please be considerate and use
sugar-free to limit the cavities the film may pick up in the process.


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