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Rick Schweikert rick at fsm.com.au
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Hi Rob

FSM, Sydney runs a fully catered kitchen with chef (not French, more Greek
origin), several runners/kitchen hands and a dedicated client services
runner to look after coffees and so on. We've done this in our current
location for the last 9 years.

In recent times we've scaled back the menu considerably because of the
significant expense but have decided against dropping completely. We do
charge clients for meals, and we now charge staff a token amount too -
otherwise it would be intolerable. The revenue generated does not cover the
running costs, however, there is an argument that if done well there is a
lost leader situation.

It poses a great problem on how to feed 60 staff and 20 - 30 clients per day
if we don't do it ourselves.

I remember one place in LA several years ago that also had a valet service
as well - Digital Magic perhaps - and they're no longer with us.

The one terrific thing about the runners - who are typically university or
college students - is we've placed many of them in junior operational
positions within the company and they've gone on to be telecine
assistants/colourists, tape operators, motion graphic designers and
producers. You get to know them and their work ethic before engaging them in
these important operational roles. Definitely an upside to the client
services issue.

We haven't asked our runners to offer opinion on grading though. Typically
there are enough opinions to go round!

Rick, FSM

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it used to be, in LA, that facilities had the services of a chef,  
trained in
France, to serve meals for the clients and the employees (thinking of
POP).  those days are long gone, unless someone advises otherwise.

previous to the french-trained-chef, we had the client services person
(girl) who would bake chocolate-chip cookies and serve them at
about 3-4 pm to the clients in every suite.

is this a nostalgic, thing of the past?  I tend to think so.

there was another function of the client services girl, which was that  
(or he) provide, at times, a completely neutral opinion (hopefully) of  
grading, when she (or he) was asked to, when the clients (and colorist)
wanted to be guided by "neutral" opinion.

I would suggest that such a 'neutral observer' be an important part of  
post facility, and that perhaps this person wear a placard as  
neutral, so that the clients and colorist would be reassured as to the
origin of said influence.

if we are devoid now, because of budget cuts, of this observer, we might
find our work not as well-received, and instead procuring another  
for a 'neutral observer.'

Rob Lingelbach
rob at colorist.org    http://www.colorist.org/robhome.html


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