[Tig] Tig Digest, Vol 100, Issue 5

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Oct 15 00:06:40 BST 2008

On Oct 14, 2008, at 6:17 PM, Terry Lockhart wrote:

> I believe Zenith was the only manufacturer that tried this approach  
> in tuners, and they stuck with it for a few years- My own family's  
> set c.1953 had one too, a 21" 4:3 model. Still remember the chassis  
> #21K20Z.

i'm amazed you remember the chassis number.  that's like remembering  
your first girlfriend's (or boyfriend's) phone number.  We had a 1950s  
vintage Admiral, and there was something about the channel tuner, that  
very satisfying clunk feel to your fingers and the sound.  Antenna in  
the attic, rotatable by hand while yelling back and forth to someone  
in the basement.

> Rob, I'll bet Nam Jun Paik in about 1979 had more than one "art"  
> piece in a vertical format.

I was sure it had been done, just never saw it- except maybe on the  
Apple Lisa (didn't it have a page format screen).
If you take a color monitor and turn it on its side, does the change  
in orientation cause color anomalies, due to the lines of the earth's  
magnetic field?   we know there are differences between monitors built  
for the southern hemisphere and those for the northern.   
(incidentally, what is done in manufacturing for monitors meant to be  
used near the equator?)

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