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Kassner, Neal NJK at cbsnews.com
Thu Oct 23 20:26:11 BST 2008

I think before you jump to the conclusion that Nucoda products are so
prevalent these days you might consider the possibility that someone
allied with Digital Vision has simply added a bunch of facilities using
that product line to the wiki table, while other systems' proponents
have yet to do so. After all, manufacturers were invited to toot their
own horns -- maybe Digital Vision was just the first to step up. AFAIK,
there are only a handful of Digital Vision/Nucoda systems currently
working in the New York market, and I say this as an employee of a
company that has recently purchased a Nucoda HD. 

Neal Kassner

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> so if NuCoda is so prevalent, according to the data received 
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> this is asked in complete objectivity.
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