[Tig] improvements in reciprocity

Steve Simon steve.simon at snellwilcox.com
Tue Oct 28 09:45:29 GMT 2008

This paper may be old news, and you may disagree
with its conclusions, but its interesting.

The Film Look: It's Not Just Jerky Motion...

There have been many attempts made to generate television pictures
that have "The Film Look" while being generated electronically.  Most
have concentrated on mimicking the temporal appearance of film, while
others have concentrated on contrast handling.  Some have done both,
and more.  The issues of sharpness and depth of field are rarely
tackled.  This document investigates all of these major aspects of the
film look and analyses the properties of film and electronic image
generation to find out exactly how they are different and why, and how
that difference can be minimised.  The "BBC setup" conditions now
adopted in some television cameras exploit this work, notably in PSC
camcorders used for HDTV image capture.  Although aimed primarily at
HDTV cameras and their use in attempting to mimic and thereby
encourage their replacement of film usage, the principles explored
here could apply equally to all forms of video cameras provided that
their control ranges are sufficiently flexible.


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