[Tig] Camera thoughts

peter_swinson peter_swinson at compuserve.com
Fri Apr 3 16:45:21 BST 2009

Schuyler Dunn wrote 
'no human can distinguish a 300,000-pixel horizontal resolution.'

Agreed that was not my suggestion. The 300,000 pixels are initially needed
to allow for "clumping" randomly spatially and temporily to emulate film
grain sizes. Also while we do not see these fine grains individually on
film we do indirectly. At very high exposures where electronic cameras have
long clipped, the tiniest film grains may or may not capture 4 photons. 
These tiny grains added to the swathe of all the bigger grains that have
been exposed at the same instant and cause a very slight increase in the
image density. 
This is one reason why film has such a high dynamic range. 
Look at it this way the film's captured exposure range is largely related
to the range of grain area sizes. The largest grain captures the lowest
illumination, All grain sizes except the tiniest capture the greatest
illumination. Who knows what some future scanner could lever out of a film
Here's a thought, film dye layers have a depth, is there, buried in there
somewhere 3D image information that as yet our technology has not been able
to extract!  



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