[Tig] Red workflow, conform features

Marrocco, Sam smarrocco at ringsidecreative.com
Fri Apr 3 17:17:55 BST 2009

> How would I load an EDL into an app that would copy the files needed from each tape, without having to do it manualy?
> I'm thinking about getting a big ass Raid at 30TB and have it all online and use MonkeyExtract to copy the needed files onto my SAN.

I can't imagine being able to read a data tape in the fashion you are 
asking and then get timecode. You would have to bring in a file, parse 
it for metadata, then decide if you needed the file. Plus, since the r3d 
files would have to be brought in whole you could not grab selects. If 
it was a TAR-based LTO tape, you could do selective loads via a 
scripting scenario, but you'd still be bringing in whole shots (not 
selected portions of shots). If you don't know which filenames you need, 
I think you would have an easier time importing the entire LTO tape into 
a server and using Monkey or another app to refine from that point.

We've encouraged clients to bring us Hard Drives as opposed to 
Tape-medium-based Archives purely because they copy into our systems 
faster or can be worked with natively, eliminating the copying 'downtime'.


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