[Tig] Sony Vialtas?

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Thu Apr 9 15:16:44 BST 2009

I never laid eyes on one, myself.  It was poorly regarded by a  
regular contributor to the CML at the time, whose sig was "JS".  As I  
recall, didn't it have some kind of capacitive sprocket "metaspeed"- 
type pin registration system?  Anyway, SONY making telecines seemed  
like a stretch, as difficult as marketing a personal computer made by  
"Singer"?  And I'm not making that up, they really tried.  Its a  
classic branding catastrophe.

> also, when I looked at a Vialta demo back in 2002 or so, it really  
> looked good
> for HD.  I recall it as a sprocket-drive machine (watch out for neg  
> damage
> possibilities) and that there were rumors it didn't handle splices  
> very well- that
> in some cases the colorist when shuttling found the machine would  
> stumble
> over them in some fashion.

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