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Jeff Olm jeff.olm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 19:51:06 BST 2009

Color Correction Control surfaces have had a good showing the last 2 years.

Nucuda will have a new one at IBC. mappable well lit and they say it
will have Iphone type touch screen panels.
Touch panel will replace need for mouse or pen.
They had a Swedish UI team help design it. i went to the User group on the floor

Quantel had Neo last year.
Baselight has a great surface I don't remember how old it is last year maybe

da Vinci’s Impresario is looked very nice and works with the 2k.
Could not find a good picture of the Impresario but it was impressive.

NAB had a ton of new monitors.
That will start some debate.

My favorite was the 3D technology demo of a upcoming Sony stereo
monitor they had a 42" and 24" no price point set.
But the angle of view was much more forgivable than the Hyundai stereo
circular polarized model. Both use Real D passive glasses.
I favor those over active glasses monitors.
Even though I bought a Samsung I have not used in 3D yet. No content
with active glasses yet.

My co-worked "Phil Captain 3D" McNally provided a link that shows the
explosion of small 3D rigs at the show.

God help us if your don't set up a 3D rig right and monitor on set
properly. For real big headaches.

And a nice HD  12 to 20 cameras rig from All Mobile that shot the Miss
Universe pageant in Vegas Sunday night.

Disclaimer-Just attended the show and not working for a manufacturer.

Jeff Olm
Digital Colorist
Dreamworks Animation

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