[Tig] NAB musings

Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
Mon Apr 27 20:20:47 BST 2009

And just in case no on understood Bob:
shill [ shil ]

noun  (plural shills)
1. pretended customer or gambler: an accomplice who pretends to be an
interested customer or gambler in order to lure others into buying or

2. self-interested promoter: somebody who promotes somebody else or makes a
sales pitch for something for reasons of self-interest

verb  (past and past participle shilled, present participle shill.ing, 3rd
person present singular shills)
1. intransitive verb be shill: to be or work as a shill

2. transitive verb promote somebody or something as shill: to promote
somebody or make a sales pitch for something using the tactics of a shill

ken robinson

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