[Tig] The 3D tech cycle

Lin Sebastian Kayser cml at iridas.com
Wed Apr 29 08:57:53 BST 2009

>I cannot tell you the number of civilians who simply state that they
>will get interested just as soon as the requirement for the glasses is

Quite interesting. I talked to a good number of "real people" who have no
connection to our business (fathers and mothers of classmates of my kids for

Surprisingly, not a single one objected to the wearing of glasses. Some
expressed concern about the waste the throw-away glasses generate (I am
concerned about that as well).
The majority of them commented on the positive experience and thought that
this was the way all cinema would be in the near future.

The people who were highly skeptical were all from our industry.

I personally would be surprised if stereo were not mainstream in 5 years and
I'd not be surprised if it were in 3.

I bet quite a bit of money on that, so I hope I am right.


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