[Tig] The 3D tech cycle

Jeff Olm jeff.olm at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 05:16:17 BST 2009

Rob and Bob
After spending alot of time with Real D glasses on.
 They are not that big of a deal.
 People wear glasses all day long?

I really don't know what to make of all the 3D rigs at NAB but we will
see what they can do in the right hands.

Real D is by no means ideal.
But more comfortable than paper or active glasses.
It's the best we have for now.
I think your wrong to say it's a show stopper.
MvA is it's 6th week and just did $8.5 this weekend
I'm riding the wave and working on my 4th and 5th stereo feature.
The trains on the tracks, Up is next for Pixar. I'm looking forward to it.
Jeff Olm
Stereo Colorist
Dreamworks Animation

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